In loving memory of

Ronald A. Huff
November 17, 1959 - May 18, 2023

Ronald "Ron" A. Huff

Aged 63, of Rochester, NY, passed away peacefully surrounded by family, May 18th, 2023.

He was born in Rochester on November 17th, 1959. Ron attended Churchville-Chili High School, where he excelled in wrestling. He was married to Katie Schleusener on November 29th, 1996. Ron had a passion for cooking, enjoyed gardening and entertaining. He had an illustrious career in Corporate Security, which afforded him the opportunity to travel the world and meet wonderful people.

He was predeceased by his parents Donald and Grace Huff; along with his sister, Linda Fostano (Huff). He is survived by his loving wife, Katie; children, Alyssa (Tylar) Bungo, Sean (Nicole) Huff, and Ryley (Joseph) Vyverberg; grandchildren, Michael and Bowen. Along with numerous brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, and countless loving friends.

In lieu of flowers, if desired, friends may make a memorial contribution to Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center.


Maureen Huff wrote on May 24, 2023:

"You couldn?t be around Uncle Ronnie without laughing. The stories he told with a chuckle in his voice and the expressions to match were always captivating. I?ll always remember the laughter shared.. He was a great cook and taught me some cooking tricks prior to leaving for work, out of the country. I?m so grateful I had that opportunity to get to now him a little better. I just imagine he?s reunited with Aunt Linda and they?re laughing and sharing stories.. His memory will always bring a smile of remembrance for the amazing person he was . "

Patricia Huff Sommers wrote on May 23, 2023:

"My baby brother, when I first saw you as a tiny preemie and you wrapped your fingers around my pinky finger, I loved you. When you were four years old and standing on the high dive over the pool at Kaydeross Park and your lips were a darker blue than your eyes but you insisted you were not cold and wanted to do just 10 more jumps off the diving board... when you were 5,6,7 and 8 and I held your hand as you tried to ice skate, and then when you were 14 and we realized knowing how to fall on the ice was a great skill for a hockey goalie. When you were 7 and Mom and Dad split and you and Linda and I went into the barn and held each other and cried and promised we would always, always take care of each other and it would be ok. When you were 8 and you helped me get date ready by approving my outfits and placing electric rollers in the back of my head. When you were 9 and were afraid to come into the hospital to see me where I was recovering from a car accident, but you sent me a card and told me you would take care of me when I came home and if l looked out the window you could wave to me. When you were 10 and wanted to give me the gift of music as my wedding present and played a drum solo at my wedding reception. When you were 11 and proudly informed me that you had changed my 4 days old baby so I could nap, giving me my first grey hair. When you were 12 and Dad died ending our dream of our parents getting back together. When you were 13 and watched my two babies in the living room while Jerry and I did weekend marathons of pinochle with mom, Jim, and Donna in the kitchen. When you were 15 and came over to my house and we cooked about 10 different dishes to see if we could make it better than the restaurants, and we did! When you were 17 and carried Mom so tenderly when she was too weak to walk from chemo and radiation. When you were 19 and so proud of your first car and informed me that Linda and I were the first people to ride in your car. When you were 20 and invited Tim and Sally and Jim and Donna and Jerry and I over to your apartment and were trying to cook spaghetti in a coffee pot because you didn't have a larger pot (but you did have a window). When you were 21 and working as a bouncer at Red Creek Restaurant and Night Club and you called me from their pay phone and told me "Don't ever, ever eat here" because the owners mother who was in the kitchen cooking had just tasted the soup and spit it on the floor, " did you hear me she spit it on the floor" When Alyssa and Sean were toddlers and you literally followed two steps behind them to catch them if they fell and later the same with Ryley. When I got my master's degree and wanted to throw a party to thank all the people who had supported me and I kept inviting more and more people, you went with the flow as my caterer and just kept planning more food. When it snowed in May with 4inches on the ground you and Katie just kept running food through the snow to the tent we had in the back yard making it a great event. When you were offered "The job of a lifetime" and you were too stunned to speak, and when you didn't respond they upped the offer. When you were a "big shot" you stayed humble and shared your good fortune by treating us to events, dinners, and travel. When Jerry and I decided to leave Rochester and retire to Florida, you and Katie supported us, after our house sold in the first hour of open house and we had two weeks to vacate you let us come and live with you. When you called me this year the day before Mother's Day and said you knew you were a day early but wanted to be the first in line to wish me Happy Mother's Day, I knew you thought you might not be well enough to speak with me one day later. I have loved you dearly from the first time I saw you to the last day of your life, and I will continue to love you to the last day of my life. I am comforted by the fact that you live on through your children and grandchildren both those born and unborn. Your "favorite" sister Pat"

Jean Huff wrote on May 21, 2023:

"Katie, Alyssa, Sean and Ryley I am truly sorry for the loss of Ron/Dad. He was a great guy. I loved his sense of humor. He loved his family so much. It's sad and it will be hard but he will always be with you. Remember the joyful times and what a sweet person he was. Always, Jean Huff "

Tim wrote on May 21, 2023:

"A special brother, always in my heart,always loved,agreat man who had a big heart and a fantastic sense of humor."

Rosemary Bungo wrote on May 21, 2023:

"Alyssa, I?m so very sorry to hear the news about your dad. You are all I our thoughts, I know this time is not easy. God be with your whole family, and know we love you all. ???"

Carol Stoddard wrote on May 21, 2023:

"Dear Alyssa, so sorry for your loss. May you and your family find peace and comfort with memories of good times and laughter shared with your dad. We love you! The Stoddard family"