In loving memory of

William Jefferson Butler
March 11, 1939 - January 10, 2023

William 'Bill' Jefferson Butler, age 83, passed away unexpectedly on January 10, 2023 in Orange County, CA.

Bill was born on March 11, 1939 in Los Angeles, CA to Susan Jessie and Sterling Paul Butler. He grew up in Bell Gardens, CA living close to his mother's identical twin sister and family. He graduated from Bell Gardens High School in 1958.

Bill started Able Equipment Rental in 1961 in Santa Fe Springs, CA on a handshake in a quonset hut. He was a pioneer in the construction equipment rental industry, having grown his business to include 6 locations, thousands of pieces of equipment and over 200 employees. He later sold the business in 1998.

In his retirement years he enjoyed spending time with family and traveling the world with Lois. One of his favorite places to visit was Puerto Vallarta.

Bill was a proud American who loved learning about history, specifically WWII. Some of his hobbies included playing golf, listening to 50's music, and keeping up with all the happenings of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Bill is survived by his wife Lois; his 3 Children, Jeffrey (and Pamela) Butler, Pamela (and Richard) McKenney, Patricia (and Douglas) Cook; 9 Grandchildren, Amy (and Dustin) Bynum, William (and Amanda) Butler, Katherine (and Mark) Goodrich, Rebecca Butler, Jacquelyn Cook, Matthew (and Mary Elizabeth) McKenney, Grace McKenney, Jennifer Cook, and Nicholas McKenny; 8 great grandchildren; Thomas Sutter, Dylan Sutter, Harley Bynum, Barrett Bynum, Jazmyn Butler, Mary Grace Butler, Alexandra Goodrich, and Camilla Goodrich.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Hazelton Betty Ford Foundation- Rancho Mirage location:


Joe & Michele Logrippo wrote on Feb 1, 2023:

"There are no words to describe the legacy Bill has left on everyone he met throughout his life. We feel grateful and blessed that Bill was part of our lives. He will missed. Love, Joe & Michele Logrippo"

Jonathan Logrippo wrote on Jan 25, 2023:

"I am Jon Logrippo, son of Joseph and Michele Logrippo, and cousin-ish to Bill and Lois. I?ve written my words about his character a couple times now, because I was stuck on the idea that I only knew him for a mere sliver of his long time here with us. I believe he was 6 decades my senior, for reference. But, Bill was not a man who hid his character to anyone, as far as I knew him. So perhaps it won?t be as difficult to distill what made him so great even if I did only know him a relatively short while. Bill wore his generosity on his sleeve, and he treated me like one of his own. And I?m thankful for Bill as he was grateful enough, generous enough, to take an active, vivid interest in my education in business school. Bill invested his time and concern in me. It was an investment for me to be me, to be great, like he. To have a competent leader in your area of expertise look after you as a familial guide is tremendously valuable. And it?s an act of kindness I appreciate and wish to pay forward if I am to live and succeed as he did. I still recall excitedly telling him what I was learning in school, via thank you cards, via one on one time. I am so thankful him and Lois appreciated my presence enough to have me stay over at their home for a full day maybe half a year ago now. In that time, I knew a post retirement Bill just happy to be alive. The quintessential American businessman enjoying the fruits of his hard earned labor. A cheerful smile that said ?What?s there to complain about?? and a sort of walk, confident strut, that said ?I?m walking here, but that?s not to say there?s no room for you too? An ideal I aim to strive for. May we all walk away from this remarkable man?s remarkable journey saying not ?How could I have seen him more before this sudden passing? but rather ?How can I walk as he walked, acted as he acted, and loved others as he loved them? In other words, how can I act as he did and would?ve, in a manner to perpetuate his soul forward? Well, here?s just two that I think are worth reading into: don?t be afraid to smile. another humans smile can change your day. don?t be afraid to give. you never know how your actions will impact the course of another?s life. May we walk away with the image of his loving smile and his loving heart, saying ?thank you Lord for letting me know him in the time that I did.? "

The Essers wrote on Jan 16, 2023:

"Tall iced teas, fun golf cart rides, engaging life stories, and his immeasurable love of family (what a legacy!) are some of the memories of Bill we will treasure. Sending much love to Lois and the entire Butler family: may your cherished memories of Bill help comfort you during this difficult time. All our love, The Essers (Anne-Marie, Adam, James, and Logan)"

Theresa Logrippo wrote on Jan 15, 2023:

"Prayers go out to Lois and the Butler family. Bill will be missed and treasured. I am saddened by his passing."

Dianne Logrippo wrote on Jan 15, 2023:

"I am deeply saddened by Bill?s passing.. My family and I will miss him so much.. May our love and memories of Bill carry his spirit on. ~Dianne Logrippo"

Terri McKenney wrote on Jan 14, 2023:

"Dick and I always enjoyed Bill?s company at the family events we shared over the years. Condolences to all the members of his large, loving family."

Dennis wrote on Jan 13, 2023:

"Always friendly, a good and fair competitor. Bill's company, Able Equipment Rental raised the level of professionalism for the industry. A true pioneer in construction equipment rentals and a great ambassador. We lost a friend."