In loving memory of

Olga A. Hildebrand
September 25, 1929 - September 10, 2022

Olga Hildebrand, 92 years young, passed away peacefully on September 10, 2022.

Olga was born on September 25, 1929 in El Paso, Texas. She leaves behind her four daughters, Francine, Julie, Tessie, Cecilia, and her son, Cruz who were there by her side. She is also survived by her grandchildren Gabe, Vinny, John, Ruthie, Jenna, Luke, and her great-grandchildren Devyn, Samuel, Isabella, and Samantha. Her family was her pride and joy and she especially beamed when her great-grandchildren would visit.

Olga worked at Los Angeles Unified School District and was highly recognized for her strong work ethic. Her meticulous style and organizational skills were admired by those around her.

She was compassionate to others and was always the first to lend a helping hand. Her kind and generous spirit was spread with family members near and far.

One of her passions was listening to music and going to concerts with her children or her friend Jean. She enjoyed listening to jazz and Spanish music and going to the House of Blues to hear Aaron Neville. Her appreciation of music was passed down to her children.

Olga enjoyed traveling, especially if she was visiting her hometown of El Paso. She was so happy when her children went on a family trip with her to El Paso and she showed them the house where she grew up and the elementary and high schools she attended. When she went to New Mexico, she enjoyed the sites and scenery, but her favorite part of this trip included turquoise and other jewelry. Her others travels included visiting her daughter Francine in Thailand and also venturing off to Japan where she fell in love with their arts and crafts.

She will be missed by those who knew her. Her incredible work ethic, giving spirit, and compassion will live through those whose lives she touched.


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