In loving memory of

Raul David Viramontes
February 16, 1958 - September 13, 2022

Raul David Viramontes, "Papa Raul," passed away at age 64 on September 13, 2022, at his long term home in Whittier, California, where he lived with his beautiful and loving wife, Adriana L. Viramontes.
He was born to Teodulo Viramontes and Luz Maria Viramontes on February 16, 1958, in Los Angeles, California. Raul attended Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School where he excelled at football.
After high school, Raul put himself through trade school at L.A. Trade Tech and learned to be an electrician. After a few years of working in this field, he started his own business, "Viramontes Electric Company." Raul married the love of his life, Adriana, on October 22, 1983, and they had seven children together. Raul dedicated himself to work in order to fully provide for his family and give his wife the ability to nurture and care for their children at home. He also ensured his children received Catholic education from grade school through high school.
Raul is loved by many family members, and survived by his wife, Adriana, his children: Jasmin Moctezuma and husband Johnny, Raul Viramontes and wife Nayeli, Melissa Viramontes, Michelle Viramontes, Monique Garcia and husband Nicholas, Christopher Viramontes and partner Laura, Marina Viramontes and husband Andrew, Jacob Viramontes and partner Stephanie, as well as grandchildren Karina, Alana, Ben, Ella, Adriana, Elena, Alina, Raul III, Sophia, Josiah, Joseph, Jesus, Jaime, and Sebastian and great-granddaughter, Jade and his brothers and sisters: Lucy Viramontes, Victor Viramontes, Robert Viramontes, Rudy Viramontes and wife Donna, Sylvia Viramontes and Steven Viramontes.
Raul was a committed, loving husband, and dedicated father. He cherished his grandchildren, and they adored their "Papa Raul." He was a devout Catholic, who attended mass with Adriana every Sunday. Raul is known for his hard work ethic, genuine caring nature, generosity, infectious laugh, witty humor, and love for cooking his "world famous" meals for his family. Raul had a warmth about him that welcomed everyone. He gave sound advice and emotional support to those in need.
Raul enjoyed making wagers on his favorite "underdog" football teams and taking his chances at the horse races and card tables and rolling dice at his favorite casinos. He was truly a blessed man! His family was even more blessed to have him. During his last days, Raul wanted to start writing a memoir of his life. We know it would have been a best seller. We love you Dad and miss you so much.


Megan Schotborgh (Muñoz) wrote on Oct 13, 2022:

"One of my fondest memories of Mr. V was when I was sitting at the Viramontes dining table. Out of all the kids, for some reason, I was the only one at the table this evening with both Mr. and Mrs. Viramontes and we were doing a crossword puzzle. Mrs. Viramontes said the clue, and I cant remember what the clue exactly was, but it was something along the lines of "Superhero at night...?" And Mr. Viramontes shouted "BATMAN!" and Mrs. Viramontes said... No, it's 5 letters. And Mr. V shouted "BATMA!". We were laughing so hard and I think about this everytime I do a crossword. Mr. V, you will be missed so dearly. And to all the Viramontes Family, my heart is with you. "

The Romero family wrote on Oct 12, 2022:

"Rest In Peace to a beautiful soul. His shining light will be surely missed by all. May the Viramontes be comforted in these times by knowing they had been loved and loved by one of gods finest. "

Edward Hernandez wrote on Sep 30, 2022:

"I met Raul at Cantwell in 1973 where we were both freshmen. We played football together and became best of friends. I spent many hors at his house with his family in ELA where his mom would cook us wonderful meals. He was a kind and gentle soul but a terror on the football field. I had great times with him and all his other buddies from St. Alphonsus; Joey Palestino, Mike Long, Richard Ayala, Alex Gomez and many others. It breaks my heart that he should leave this planet so young but as the saying goes, "the good die young!" Farewell old friend and when I see you again, it will be for eternity. Eddie Hernandez"

Gabriella Rodriguez wrote on Sep 19, 2022:

"Mr. V you have left us with heavy hearts, but so many amazing memories to help us all heal through losing you. A smile immediately comes to my face just thinking of some of those trips to Laughlin, you teach us Saint Paul girls how to play cards, and even keeping some of our secrets (IYKYK). Thank you for all the great laughs, and for being such a great dad to my best friend. RIP !"

Michael Gonzalez wrote on Sep 19, 2022:

"There are so many memories but the best memories and most reoccurring ones is time spent with Raul at parties he always greeted you with a big hand shake and hug and his smile looking like he just got away with something. His love of family and friends was obvious. Raul will always live on in our hearts and minds ?Love you PRIMO? until we meet again! "