In loving memory of

Malibu Grunwald

Malibu Grunwald passed away on June 16, 2022. Malibu is the pet of Lisa Grunwald. She was a blue eyed and snow white cat. Malibu took a little bit to get used to her family, but when she finally was used to them she was playful. Often times she would act like a kitten, even though she was way older than that. She loved Maverick, often times in the middle of the night Malibu would lay on his chest. Malibu loved cat nip, it made her even more playful. She once traveled over 3 days in a car with Lisa on their way back from California, and Malibu did not mind the drive one bit. She loved her family and her family loved her. Malibu is going to be deeply missed by the Grunwald family and friends.

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