In loving memory of

Andreas Jens Madsen
September 18, 1968 - January 9, 2022

Andreas Jens Madsen f/k/a Andreas Madsen Nason (Andy) passed away on January 9, 2022. He is survived by his parents, David Stewart Nason and Sandra Nason, brother Daniel D. Nason, sisters Dawn N. Routon and Anna N. Madsen Thompson, and numerous nieces and nephews. Andy was born in Portland, Maine on September 18, 1968, was the youngest of four siblings, and lived in Westbrook, Maine most of his young life.

Andy is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College in Valley Forge, PA, attended the University of Maine in Portland, ME, and attended Lee University in Cleveland, TN. His favorite hobbies were listening to Christian music, photography, editing photos, and he was an avid reader. Andy began playing the piano at the young age of 5. In his teens, he won a national competition in piano with the Assemblies of God's teen talent. His family liked nothing better than listening to him play and sing, as his God given abilities were enough to rival the best musicians in the industry. He used his gifts as a music minister and choir director in a number of churches. He sang in numerous choirs and groups throughout his life. Andy's love of music never waned.

He was a Child of God, and his family rests easy in the knowledge that he is in the arms of his Lord and Savior.


Dodie Routon wrote on Feb 12, 2022:

"The last month has been a difficult one. Memories keep surfacing of Andy as a little boy. I admit I've struggled with posting a tribute. How do I explain a life that has ended way to soon? I used to take him and my sister to lunch, a movie, the beach, Old Orchard Beach to ride the rides, listening to him play the many wonderful memories of him growing up. I think the memories of him playing the piano are my favorite memories and will always stay with me. He was so talented! He told me once that he loved listening to 70s music, because that was what I always listened to when he was young. It was something we shared, the love of music, even though he was way more talented than I was. In recent years, we would go to estate sales, and we would have so much fun, have lunch, and drive around seeing the sites. I will always think of him any time I go to an estate/yard sale. He had such a giving heart. I have gifts that he gave me, especially for Christmas, that I will treasure forever, and they mean even more to me now because they were given with love. His last few years had been difficult with health issues. I prayed every day for God to intervene on his behalf. We don't know God's plan for us, but I know now he is in a better place and pain free, still hurts that he's gone. I will always love you, Andy, my little brother, and I will see you again someday. Someone once told me that grief means we were lucky enough to love. If that's the case, then Andy was very much loved. Dodie "

Anna Madsen Thompson wrote on Feb 8, 2022:

"As I ponder the memories I have of Andy, I smile? I laugh? I cry? If you knew Andy, you would know he was very generous. If he had something if worth he would give it to you if he thought he a MM make your life better. Andy battled physically these past number of year. I prayed to The Lord Jesus Christ to heal him in every way and make his body whole again. The word of God says if we ask in Jesus name it would be granted unto us. I woke up last night around 2am with my mind racing. ?God, why didn?t you heal him, you said to ask?and I asked many times?. All of a sudden ads clear as an audible voice, the Holy Spirit said ?Anna, hee is whole again and free from pain?. Our ways are not always God?s ways. I will take the sorrow now if it means he is whole, happy and free from pain. Andy, someday I will see you again my brother. I love you! Anna"

Kerri (Pierce) Hopkins wrote on Feb 1, 2022:

"Andy was my first love...we were so young but I loved him fully! I have great memories of listening to him sing and play the piano. We would spend every second we could together in highschool. We even thought about marrying, but it wasnt meant to be. But I never stopped loving him and every year on our birthday's (one day apart) I would think of him and say a prayer that he was happy. Thank you, Andy for loving me so well in highschool. I will always remember you. Nason's ,I am so sorry for your loss. We will all meet again in heaven. I love you, Andy!! Yes...I still call you Andy!!! I know, I know!!?"