In loving memory of

Jodene Shaffer Pantoja
January 11, 1946 - December 3, 2021

Domingo and Jodene Pantoja of Idaho Falls Idaho quietly left this life to continue their adventures together. After 59 years together, Domingo and Jodene passed just 8 hours apart on December 3rd, 2021 in Idaho Falls Idaho.
Domingo was born on May 12th, 1942 in Hardin Montana son of Faustino and Sanjwana Pantoja Jodene was born on January 11th, 1946 in Hardin Montana daughter of Alvin and Ida Shaffer. Domingo was one of 13 children. Jodene was an only child.

Domingo and Jodene came from a farming and ranching background where they learned the value of hard work and family. They moved to Idaho in 1963 where they worked and raised their two sons, Michael Candelario and Randall Ray.

Domingo and Jodene had a love of life and shared their love of it with everyone they came in contact with, they opened their home to all whether it be for a meal a game or just to sit and visit. They had a love for life that they would share with all who came into contact with them, they loved to dance spend time in their garden and yard, and with friends and family.

Domingo and Jodene had their own businesses a craft store and a lawn care company that they loved mostly because it gave them a reason to socialize with others. It brought them joy to be around people. They will be greatly missed by their sons and remaining family.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date. Please share a favorite memory of Domingo and Jodene or offer condolences to the family by leaving a tribute on this page.


Ronda Bishop wrote on Dec 10, 2021:

"How I will miss these cute neighbors of mine! For years Mingo would come over when I was out mowing the lawn and we would visit about just about everything. I enjoyed our friendship so much. He even hobbled over with his cane after his stroke. (That worried me some, but I loved it!) He was my buddy. This fall I realized that next summer there would be no visits with Mingo and it broke my heart. And Jodene was such fun to talk to! She was so talented and feisty like my own momma. She was funny and not afraid to say whatever came to her mind. I remember seeing some of her painting projects and I was so impressed! One day she was out on the garden (after she lost part of her leg) making signs for the garden with a wood burner. The statues she made to burn for summer solstice were masterpieces! She could do so many things. She thought her chickens were the smartest animals on earth! I didn\'t dare disagree, but I thought it was adorable. These two were quite the pair! I loved their bantering. I\'m so thankful for Randy and how he cared for them! I know it must have been hard and exhausting, but he honored them so well and made sure they were watched over. They talked about their sons a LOT! That they got to leave the same day is just a beautiful thing. I will sorely miss them. They were so very good to me. Ronda Bishop"