In loving memory of

Royal Poetical Starz
May 26, 1995 - October 2, 2021

Born as Brandon J. Donald on May 26, 1995 to Katina and Bryant Gardner in Omaha NE. Brandon was raised up in Cathedral of Love Church and that's where he gained his love for music. Brandon was the youngest son in the family. From a young boy he knew what his purpose in life was. Brandon was a man of God and not a day will go by that without the Lord he would not have made it another day.

In high school Brandon was a tad bit shy, he moved in with his mother and from there he started to gear up for his dreams. He linked up with Marissa and Sherraine and they became the ultimate trio. Brandon could always sing but in the beginning he had no rhythm, until his BFF's taught him. Once he had the dancing and the singing down pat, there was no stopping him. We all soon realized a star was born.

As Brandon was molding himself into this star, we can't leave out all of the people who stayed up all night helping him with lyrics, melodies, singing and dancing. None of us realized he made us a part of his entourage, but most importantly he made us a part of his legacy. Over the years Brandon made beautiful music. He accomplished so much in his 26 years of life, including starting a business, becoming an uncle, a husband, a college graduate, a fur parent, getting his music on social platforms, and traveling the world.

His final accomplishment was becoming his true self and becoming the person in his heart that he always wanted to be. Brandon did more in his life than more of us will ever do. He lived each day like it was his last. Today we will be celebrating the life of Brandon and Star.

Preceded in death by husband Bruce Yoder; grandmother Annie H. Gardner; and grandfather Clinton Brooks Sr.

Survived by mother Tina Gardner Young; father Bryant Gardner; step parents Robert Young and Shana Gardner; fur baby Cookie Starz; siblings Tisa, Jay, DJ, Booka, Shay and, Bryana; grandparents Floyd Donald, Faye Donald, and Dessa Donald; a host of nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts, and other family and friends.


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