In loving memory of

Max Pizano
May 29, 2015 - September 12, 2021

Our beloved Maximus "Max, Maxi-Paxi, JLo, Bear, Mash" Pizano was born on May 29, 2015, in Cerritos, California to Sire Spinky and Dam Vivi. Just a short eight weeks later and weighing approximately 3lbs and fitting in the palm of our hand, my fiancé and I would bring him and his brother Hercules "Herquee" Pizano home to Anaheim. Our first furry children. We fell in love with the inseparable duo the minute we saw them. Our precious "twins" whom can't be named one without the other. Their sister, Caroline Sotelo is the furry child of Anthony and Lucy Sotelo, uncle, and aunt to Max. He also has a cousin named Charlie Guerra, who moved in with us a year ago and has become a second brother to Max. They quickly became best pals. He also spent a lot of time visiting his two other cousins in Buena Park, Mini and Mia.

As similar as our Max was to his brother Herquee, they couldn't have been more different. Max immediately showed his personality as an extrovert, outgoing, a lovable, kissable, playful, demanding, king of his castle, treat demanding "Bear" as I would often call him - he looked just like a precious, fluffy little bear. Oh, how he trusted people. That was what he did best; give love. He was the leader of his pack. Never letting me go the bathroom alone, my shadow. He loved being held like an infant child in one arm while having his belly rubbed with the other. He loved giving kisses and we loved kissing him.

Our baby, so many wonderful memories you have given us in these short 6 years. You lived with us in our very first home in California, moved to McKinney, Texas... oh how you enjoyed chasing the neighbors' bunnies in the backyard in your house in Texas. Your smarts and the way you communicated with us was incredible. Remember when your brother got out of the backyard to the neighbor's house while I was getting ready for work... you ran in to tell me. I followed you and you took me right where your brother had dug the hole. He had made it to the next block, and I found him terrified in the street. He made it back home safely because of you! I'll never forget how I was so used to seeing you squat to pee when you were a baby, then when I saw you lift your leg... it broke my heart. I didn't want to see you grow up so fast. You taught us about sacrifice as parents even before our human children. You flew with us (comfy in 1st Class) to NYC ... even though you were a nervous flyer. You were there when we got married at City Hall in Manhattan, traveled with us so much to California in your Sleepy Pod. Flight attendants and strangers all had to stop and look at you and your brother. They're precious! You made the drive with us to San Antonio for fun, twice. I remember how you were always Daddy's co-pilot. Always right by his side as he drove. Because of you and Herquee we had to change our plans to drive to Texas from California when we moved instead of flying; you both were too young to fly. Finally, our last move to Arizona. You were such a trooper through it all. The first time you and your brother were ever separated for a few hours was when you bit that frog and got foam in your mouth. I got so scared and had to rush you to the after-hours emergency room. The way you would barge into any room and swing the door open with your butt when your brothers always waited outside. King of your castle. Your brothers always knew they could count on you to demand treats and not give up until you got your way. Your deep sigh when you were relaxing next to me or Dad. You never, ever left my side until I went to bed - you would fall asleep next to me wherever I was in the house and on occasion you would yell at me to go to bed. You would never go to bed without me. When Nico was born, you fell in love with him. Though he only spent a very short 3 and a half years with you, oh how he loved his "Mash", but I am so glad you at least got to meet Gigi, your baby sister even if it was for a short 7 weeks. She loves you and will know all about you as she grows up. When Mommy and Daddy would travel on vacations, you loved spending days with Grandpa when he would fly in to house sit and to be sure you were taken care of while we traveled. You never, ever even stayed in a Pet Hotel; you were always home in your bed. Your snoring in the middle of the night. You were so loud. The loudest. We miss it all. We miss you.

Max, your sudden and unexpected departure has left a monumental void in our hearts, in our lives, and in your home. You are everywhere. We still see you everywhere. We can't look at your brothers without seeing you. As much as our hearts are chattered, we know of a loving Heavenly Father, and we know of His plan. You are His sacred creation with a wonderful soul, and we know that your departure is a mere transition, and you are in a wonderous place chasing bunnies, and we will be with you once again. We will cross Rainbow Bridge together. I am grateful everyday for Heavenly Father's trust in us to have had given us the responsibility of caring and loving you for these wonderful six years.

Until then my furry little boy... we will continue to love you, miss you terribly and continue telling all the wonderful stories and memories you left here with us... and your name will continue to be voiced and whispered within the walls of this home and in our hearts.

See ya, My Max!
Mommy, Daddy, Nico, Gigi, Herquee and Charlie


Dawn wrote on Nov 19, 2021:

"This is so nice!! Thank you for sharing!! God bless to your family!!"