In loving memory of

Marjorie Janet Ramirez
December 17, 1928 - April 20, 2021

Margie was born in Aberdeen, Washington State and grew up in Puyallup. She enjoyed playing in Clover Creek near her childhood home. Her father died when she was 13, and her world changed. She began to work in her aunt Bertha's Store but managed to earn high grades and graduated valedictorian in her class.

She enrolled in Biola college and majored in Zoology and missionary studies. Her career plans changed when she met her lifelong husband Irineo Albert Ramirez at Clifton's Cafeteria where they both worked. They remained married for over 60 years until he died.

They eventually settled in South Whittier, California. They raised five daughters: Ann Yvonne, Melinda Joy, Rebecca Marlena, Marie Estelle, and Felicia Raphaela.

Margie was so smart! At age 47 she went back to school to become an RN. She worked for fifteen years before she retired.

She was the nicest Mom. So generous! Her wise advice was so valuable to her girls.

When her hearing and health began to fail, Rebecca, also an RN, cared for her until she passed. She died in a loving environment surrounded by her family.

She will be missed, but her spirit lives on in heaven and in the smiles of her children grandchildren and great grandchildren. Until we meet again!


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