In loving memory of

Edward Gillus Gatliff
August 29, 1950 - February 17, 2021

Edward Gillus Gatliff, 70, of Fairfield Township, Ohio, passed away on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. He was born to Corliss and Statia Gatliff (nee Myers) on August 29, 1950 in Hamilton, Ohio.

Edd received his undergraduate degree from Ohio State University and his PhD from The University of Nebraska. He was the founder and President of Applied Natural Sciences, Inc., an environmental consulting firm, and the inventor of the patented TreeMediation system. Edd was a pioneer of phytoremediation, using trees to treat contaminated groundwater.

When not traveling around the world both for work and pleasure, Edd split his time between Fairfield Township, Ohio and Scottsdale, Arizona. He enjoyed woodworking, house projects, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Edd is survived by his wife of 47 years, Beverly, his children Tara and Kenny, his grandchildren Lizzy and Jordy, and his siblings Ken, Gail, Gary, Carl, Norma, and Kathy. The immediate family will be having a private service in Scottsdale on February 23, and a celebration of life for Edd's wider family and friends in Ohio in July.


Mary Jo Vieira wrote on Feb 24, 2021:

"I \'met\' Edd over 15 years ago after I had formed a fantasy football team. He was always the first to tell me \'it\'s time to renew\'. We always reached throughout the year and he would always make me laugh. I feel like I\'ve known Edd and Bev all my life. I\'m devastated beyond words. Sending love and prayers for his family and friends. What a horrible loss of a great and caring man. "

Rick Morandi wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"Bev & Family, my heart is broken tonight! It was December 1968 when Edd and I first met at Navy boot camp and we became inseparable friends immediately and I am so glad that we reconnected all these years later. There are very few people in life who are able to make a lifelong wonderful impression on your being and Edd was one of those people for me. I will forever remember his laugh and smile. Barb and I pray for heaven?s peace to soften the loss you are now experiencing. All our love, Rick & Barb Morandi"

Allen Fleenor wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"I will miss Edd greatly we have been neighbors for 25 years. Edd was the most caring, generous person I know. He was a very smart man his business and theory were cutting edge and way above my head I never truly understood it but I did know he was the inventor of the technology of which I was super impressed! Life won\'t be the same around the neighborhood without you Edd and one day we\'ll see each other again. "

Crl Fismer wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"Much of my Highschool time was spent with the Gatliff Family. Beissinger Rd. We fished a lot, and played Poker a lot until the next morning. Late one night a Large Black Bull , from down the road went Crazy , and started ramming the Gatliff House talk about scared. We stepped outside and when confronted by the bull ran back inside. He rammed the house many times, and when the Sheriff Deputes showed up the Bull charged them. That was in 1957. Great memories of the Whole Family. Carl Fismer, Key largo. "

Tom Maher wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"Dear Beverly, Tara, Kenny, and extended family, I had the pleasure of knowing Edd over the years as he was developing his theory and then application of the phytoremediation approach. Besides being a quality professional, he was just a good person above all else. God bless you all in your time of mourning. Tom Maher"

Audrey Sidebottom wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"To the friends and family of Edd, I also met Edd through his phytoremediation implementation work in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. I enjoyed joining him on his tree evaluations - learning technical tidbits along the way and occasional advocating an extra 0.5 or 1 point score for a tree or two! From the messages here, it looks like he has trees around the globe to memorialize him. My sympathy and condolences to you, Audrey Sidebottom (Dow Chemical)"

Joanne West wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"Dear Family, I had the pleasure of meeting Edd some 15 years ago and worked on a few projects over the years with his great TreeWell system. We shared several meals together and I enjoyed his company. He was a kind man and easy to get along with. So sorry for your loss. Joanne West (Dow Chemical)"

Dave Wandor wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"Dear Family, I worked with Edd on a number of projects over the last 15 years, and traveled with Edd in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He was a joy to work with, and I always enjoyed the time we had to eat and explore after work. It was a privilege to know Edd and to be his friend. I pray that God comforts you in your loss. My heart goes out to all of you. Dave Wandor"

Paul van Riet wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"Dear Family and Friends of Edd, We have met Edd many years back when Edd came to Terneuzen (Netherlands) to help us with some of our projects. Edd was always a very enthusiastic person especially when it was about trees. We enjoyed very much working with Edd. We will remember Edd by the Trees we have planted at the various sites of Dow. Wish you lots of strength with you loss. On behalf of Dow Benelux Wim Staal, Paul van Riet"

Mary King wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"To Edd\'s family and friends, I met Edd through a remediation project of mine. But I quickly considered him a friend. A great professional and a great man. He will be missed. I feel your heartache, as today is the anniversary of my Mom\'s passing in a very similar circumstance. The love, strength, and guidance of a parent are so profound. When we lose them, the loss is profound. But consider yourself lucky to have had that relationship. He will still be guiding you in spirit. Peace be with you. Mary King (Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA)"

Jentsje de Jong wrote on Feb 23, 2021:

"Dear family and friends of Edd, We wish you much strength with your loss. As TAUW, we have cooperated with Edd on several phytoremediation projects in The Netherlands, Belgium, and South-Africa; projects in which we have learned much from him. We remember him as a knowledgeable professional and as a compassionate, good-humored, and strong-willed person. We see the trees planted in our mutual projects as long-lasting tributes to Edd and a remembrance of our cooperation. We will miss him, both professionally and personally. On behalf of the TAUW group, Charles Pijls, Boudewijn Fokke, Dirk Paulus, Wouter de Schuyteneer, Menno Holtrop, Rutger Smeenk, Ellen Boeckx, Frank Volkering, and Jentsje de Jong "