In loving memory of

Pamela Spooner
August 29, 1951 - December 3, 2020

Pamela Jean Spooner, age 69, passed unexpectedly at Ocala Regional Hospital December 3, 2020 in Ocala, Florida. She is survived by her mother Laverne Coon(Tom Howerth), daughter Mindy Raffield (Laura Raffield), John Spooner, the love of her life, 4 Brothers Donny, David, Kirby and Jay Coon(Robin Coon), Sister Cara Johnson, 4 beautiful nieces: Donna, Lori, Tanya and Carrie, 14 great-nieces and nephews, and many friends.

Born in Los Angeles, California Pam was the BEST mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. The type of friend a friend would like to have. She was one who walked in when the world walked out. She was beautiful, smart, tough, and had a heart of gold. She wanted to help everybody everywhere she could and didn't take no crap. She had degrees in Cosmetology and Real Estate as well as semi-truck driving and operating fork lifts. She was a school bus monitor and her students loved her. She excelled in everything she set her hand to. Pam had a love for the ocean, butterflies and Elvis. Most of all she had a love for Jesus! If I went on forever I couldn't say enough about the beautiful woman she was. She was down to earth and loved life. Pamela Jean Spooner is Deeply Loved and will be Greatly missed. We wanted to thank her for who she was. She rocked it! Can't wait to see her when we get to the other side. We know she's dancing on the streets of gold. Elizabeth, she loved you and hoped to find you until her dying day. I love you, Mom.

Let not your heart be troubled ... believe in God, believe also in Me.

My Father's house are many rooms.
If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there
to prepare a place for you?
And if I go and prepare a place for you,
I will come back and welcome you into My presence,
so that you also may be where I am

God is faithful
All who call on His Name
Will be saved!
God so loved the world...
So see you on the other side


Mindy wrote on Apr 11, 2021:

"Not a second goes by that I don't miss you...I'm getting by one foot in front of the other..lost without you. I love you mommy! The last time you looked up at me you had your palm out with a cross in your hand. You smiled so beautifully. Thank you for the beautiful woman mother and friend that you always were. Please forgive me for every moment that I disappointed you, gave you sleepless nights,,,heartache and shame. You were one in a million. Where do I go when the one who always encouraged me is gone...I have no one what I would trade to see your smile again and hug your neck. It will be ok...I'm my mother's daughter. I wish I could talk to you though...I need my mom...ask Jesus if I can get some help down here... Forever always into eternity I love you"

Mindy Raffield wrote on Feb 4, 2021:

"Wonderful remarkable superb and supreme of the crops you're the cream loving caring giving in true mothers like you are far and few Splendid marvelous and first-rate stop in case you didn't know it Mom you rock fantastic buoyant terrific and Superior all other mothers are inferior outstanding beautiful sensation and Bold you've also got a heart of gold I love you Mom you stand the test I hope your birthday is the best just like you my butterfly blue got a mom Heart of Gold always kind never cold listens well laughs out loud I've got a mom that makes me proud To my mom who I adore who shares all my dreams desires plans adventures and more thank you for being my very best friend my comforter when things go wrong the one who encourages cheers me Believes In Me changes my weak to Strong If I had a single flower for everytime I think of you Mom I could walk forever in my garden I Loved You Yesterday Today Tomorrow Always Forever every second every minute and every hour I love you just for who you are"

Mindy Raffield wrote on Feb 4, 2021:

"Thinking about you Mom today there's so much I can say what your many qualities are the patience you had teaching me to drive a car and so I laughed so hard sitting on your lap that I peed you just grabbed the wheel and we never lost speed to be a good mom you've done what it takes I remember taking the school your bake cupcakes I loved when you rolled my hair in socks I loved going to school looking like Goldilocks going to Easter egg hunts the pool and the dock for a day of fun taking my friends and I to do things they'd never done taking my friends and I out was enough never a hassle even when we wanted to go to the see the spooky Witches Castle remember the time we went by there and you had to pee my friends and I screamed and you came running with your pants down away from that Cemetery I remember when Dale wasn't for me so you Faithfully took me to Thursday night karate all the time together riding bikes until I cause you to wreck sorry mom for being such a derelict mom you've always been the greatest cook in the one who taught me how to read my first book you work so hard without any rest make sure my birthday parties are always the best also Mom you're such a diva I loved our lunch date to Taco Viva with me there's been so much since you chose to bear so many ways you show you care so many times you were there to defend I can never asked for a better best friend if so much now that I see you when I was sick you took such good care of me you do more than the average mother does you were there for me when no one else was I can't forget our favorite thing of shopping together you're the greatest blessing in my life mother when I speak to God at the beginning of my day I remember you Mom the one who first taught me to pray I also remember your favorite pillow with feathers and I always enjoy reading all your letters today I look up at the sky so blue and thank the good Lord for giving me a wonderful mom like you I love you written 5 11 08"

Steve Everman wrote on Feb 2, 2021:

"I was sad to hear of Pam's passing. I remember her when we were younger, she always was a very nice person to me. Cherish your memories. Prayers going out to all. With Regards, Gretchen Everman "