In loving memory of

Peri Karl
June 1, 1967 - August 9, 2020

It is with our deepest sorrows that we say goodbye to a cherished mother and wife Peri Karl, she left us too soon. Never-to-be-forgotten. Peri passed away peacefully in Everett Washington on August 9th, 2020 due to renal failure. It was a long hard road and she fought until god took her home.
Peri was born in Los Angeles California and raised in Simi Valley California she was one of five children to Sunny and Izzy Dorfman. She was known for her empathetic ways and was always full of love. As a child Peri loved to play with friends and animals especially her dogs. She was especially close to her sister Jan who she shared a room with until they were teens. They enjoyed playing their favorite music dressing up for photo shoots together and talking about boys.
When Peri was young she enjoyed going out to parties concerts and the drive-in with Friends. Having fun was always the plan and she always made it happen. She did everything her way.
Peri had her first child on January 21st, 1987 born Tiffany Anne Witham and her second child November 4th, 1988 born Eric Ryan Johnson. Being a young mother is never easy and presented some struggles but we know she did the best she could. She was assisted by her parents who had a big role in raising both children.
In her late twenties she met the love of her life, Thomas Karl who was the biggest blessing. They shared a love and bond like no other. They moved to Washington in the mid-90s and came together to help each other in every way possible. They made a life together and by the grace of God they were married on March 2nd, 1997.
They loved each other through thick and thin, just the way it should be, for over 30 years.
Peri and Tom had two children together Tommy Karl born March 12th, 1997 and Maggie Karl born June 22nd, 2000.
Peri was a stay-at-home mother and wife. Her children and husband were her pride and joy.
Peri had her struggles in life as we all do and we have complete faith that she gave it her all with the understanding and pools that she was given. We know she now has ultimate understanding for her life on Earth as it was. Peri was a devout Christian and loved the lord. She spent day and night watching the TBN channel and praying. Peri found strength and comfort in Jesus as her savior. She was baptized on June 9th, 2019. It is bittersweet knowing that we can no longer see her or hear her voice, she is now absent from the body but present with the Lord.
Perfect and whole once again. Our angel.
Never forgotten, until we meet again, loved always and forever. Fly high.

We will forever love you and never forget you and your beautiful soul.

A date for a celebration of life will be announced at a later date.
If you cannot attend her celebration of life for those who are able you may send red or white roses with baby's breath.
They were her favorite.


marilyn wrote on Sep 3, 2020:

"Peri was my friend forb18 years. As well as her children and her husband Tom. I loved her and had many good times with her. Watching her and being able to be a part of her baptism was such a special memory. That day meant the world to her. She loved her children as much as I love mine. She loved her husband as I did mine also. She was dedicated to them. Birthdays and Christmas she made special no matter what. God has her now. No more pain or suffering. Just her with her best friend, Jesus. She will be missed."

Zach lopez wrote on Sep 3, 2020:

"Peru. I remember going to school, I was bullied alot , Because I was diferent .. You use to tell people to leave me alone. Back then I could aee I. Your. Eyes , That you felt really bad for me. And seeing that gave me strength And hope That it wouldn\'t last forever. And you lnow it didn\'t.. Then I remember when you were going through some troubles of your own, A couple of times I jad seen. Some where And we spoke.. I jad thanked you. You started to cry , Which made me cry..And I told you if you needed anything, Even A safe place to hide. Or to justy clear your , That you could just come to my house And my door would be open for you. I\'m so glad you did just that And I was able to help you.. Because of how you helped me.. Ive often thought of you, Even just recently And wondered how your doing.. I. am crying ritw now, While writing This, Because I\'m sad knowing Your no longer. Alive,, But in my heart , My beautiful savior.. I will keep you. Alive.. Love you. And rest in peice. From Zach Lopez A.K.A Bernie lopez"

Ginger Stratford Ginger Solomon madian Name wrote on Sep 2, 2020:

"My sweet friend peri I?m sad to here you have Gone , I will remember all the phone call we had you blessed me with the last call we talked about how you had giving your heart to Jesus and you were going to church and you told me not to give up and to keep going . The battle is real and I?m going to keep going staying close to the Lord I will stay clean and sober in honor of you and my sister who went on to heaven on July 15 2020 .Now you to are dancing with Jesus .no more pain no more sorrow . You Both had a hard walk But You did it well . The Lord. Is Proud of his Daughter . Love you Peri Until we Meet in Heaven I?ll Keep you in my Thoughts and my Heart .. LOVE ALWAYS Ginger "

Maria Reza wrote on Aug 30, 2020:

"Peri was always like a second mother to me and she never failed to say I love you whenever I talked to her."

Joe T Massey wrote on Aug 30, 2020:

"So very sorry for your family\'s loss. May the grace of our Lord cover you all and give you peace and hope during these difficult days."

Tina Charles wrote on Aug 30, 2020:

"My sweet Peri, you had the kindest personality, like an innocent child. We met when you moved to Marysville, Washington I believe in late 2002. Your son Tommy and my son Andrew were inseparable all the while we were neighbors and even after you moved to Everett. I completely enjoyed my friendship with both you, Tom and the children. I know for a fact that you love ALL of your children. The two in California you spoke of often, you were not pleased that you couldn?t be with them. ? I know too that you had a strong love for God and His son Christ Jesus. I love you my dear sweet Peri, and I pray we can meet again in Paradise. My mom also lived Peri, as she did my mom. They spoke many times of Gods promise that the meek will inherit the earth, Ps 37:11 To Tom, Tommy and Maggie, My family, all of my children, Randy and I, have you in our prayers and thoughts at this difficult time. Love the Charles family. ??"