In loving memory of

Vicente Daniel Carmona
August 12, 1989 - June 26, 2020

Vicente Daniel Carmona, (30) of Lawrenceville, GA passed away on June 26,2020. Born August 12,1989 to parents Adelaida and Jose Ramirez of Cumming, Ga. Vicente received his high school diploma and went on to further his college education. He pursued a career in Diesel Mechanics. He was a goofy individual with a hardheaded personality that you couldn't help but love. He had a contagious smile that could lift anyone's spirits and brighten anyone's day. He was intelligent beyond his years and had an irreplaceable personality. Vicente loved his friends and family and would have moved mountains for them.

He is survived by his parents, Jose(55) and Adelaida Ramirez(55), sisters Julie Flores(34) , Natalie Labra(32) , and Valerie Ramirez(27) of Cumming, GA. Brother in Laws; Julio Labra(33) and Jordan Cardenas(28) of Cumming, Ga; nephew A.K.A. Best Friend Blake Dyer(8) of Cumming, Ga; Tio and Tia Hilario(53), and Belinda Carmona(39) of Grant, AL; Vicente also leaves behind many extended family and friends.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. in the chapel of Ingram Funeral Home in Cumming, GA. the family will receive friends at the funeral home on Wednesday, from 12:30 noon until the hour of service.

Ingram Funeral Home & Crematory, 210 Ingram Ave, Cumming, GA 30040 is in charge of arrangements.


Jackie wrote on Jul 1, 2020:

"6 years I?ve known you and six years you?ve been by my side ! We may have not always talked but I always know that if I needed you for anything you would be there . You were there through my worst and sadly you weren?t able to see me at my best . God has gained an amazing angel! I miss you and always will! I wish I had been there more and I?m sorry ! But I?ll always love you like my brother forever and always !! Love you my big teddy bear !! Thank you for always making me laugh and always making me smile !! I?m going to miss our jam sessions that we always had !!! Thank you for being you!! "

Nishia wrote on Jun 30, 2020:

"Vicente was present for the birth of my daughter Alaina and some time afterwards. He\'d speak Spanish to her and he swore she understood. He played with my older two children for hours no matter how many times he told them he was done playing. He was apart of my husband\'s life long before I met him. He was a big brother and best friend to him. They were there for one another more than anything else. Whether it was a two hour long phone conversation or a \"my wife\'s going to kill me but V needs me \" situation. I pray that the family heals from the pain of losing someone so precious. He truly had a heart of gold. Im happy my family was able to be in his presence. He will never be forgotten. "

Tiffani wrote on Jun 30, 2020:

"Vicente you were a brother to me we spent many nights playing DBD where I would let the monster get you. Anytime I was sick you took care of me and made me go get medical attention. Beer and food if I didn?t see you with a beer in your hand you were eating and when I make side comments you would make me laugh harder. There is a lot of memories I will cherish from days to come and Ill miss you so much ??????"

Tymithia wrote on Jun 29, 2020:

"I know we haven?t spoken in a while but I really miss you. You could always put a smile on my face even if we were arguing about something. Work was always fun when you were around and our bowling nights with the Wahoo crew was always unforgettable. You always made sure I was okay when we would hang out. We had a special connection and I?ll never forget it. I thought of you often and I still do. I?m glad I was able to call you a friend. I?ve told you often that I cared about you and wanted nothing but the best for you and I truly meant it. You?re gone way too soon. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. "

Jacqueline Ortiz wrote on Jun 29, 2020:

"My heartbreaks for yo our family! I know we haven?t talked in a couple years but I miss you! I remember when my sister needed help and she lived in kentucky, you drove all night with me to her house, states away, day and night to make sure she was okay! We jammed out to Nick Jonas ?close? every other song, we went and saw Amish farms and went on a boat into a different state in your car! You were one of a kind and even though we haven?t talked in a while I?m gonna miss you like crazy! RiP ?. You are so loved!"

Kimberly wrote on Jun 29, 2020:

"I want you to know that I think of you every day. I want you to know that I miss you more than anything, and I would give anything to talk to you one last time. I still remember the last time that I saw you we were hanging out playing Minecraft. He had pet cow which was named ?ozark?, and it got killed by Tiffani with the sword by accident. she thought he didn?t notice, which he did... he told her to get him a ozark the second! He also enjoyed playing ark and running from T-Rexs on the phone haha. I will remember all the memories from playing videos, to working on cars, to him breaking a glass drink at ihop at 3 am and them replacing it with a safety cup lol! Vicente loved to have fun and being around people and Looking back now, I wish I would have spent more time with you, shared more stories with you, and made more memories. You were the happiest person I knew. I only saw you upset maybe like 2 times that I have known you and every other time you were smiling the brightest smile. I look at old pictures and videos I have saved of our memories, but it\'s just not the same, but I know you are happy still. This year has been so hard for me, and so much has happened, but I know you have guided me in the right direction. Somehow, you still influence my life, even if you aren\'t here. It?s only been a couple of days but i still can?t believe you?re gone. All of my accomplishments and achievements from day forward, whenever I?m in a situation ; because I constantly ask myself - what you would do whenever I am faced with a tough situation. I know if you were here you would say I am being ridiculous for being so sad, you would laugh at me and tell me to be positive. I miss you Vicente. "

Tonya Burton wrote on Jun 29, 2020:

"Vicente, my Daniel, my first sidekick and little monster! I will forever miss you and your sweet smile! You were taken far too soon but I know Mama Tonya has the perfect person holding Baby AJ.. I love you my Son! Rest in Heaven my Boy!"