In loving memory of

Helen M. Chadwick
November 16, 1920 - January 17, 2020

It is with the Greatest Sadness and Broken Heart to announce the Passing of My Dear Mother Helen Chadwick. She passed peacefully on 1-17-2020 at the age of 99 years. Born 11-16-1920 in Jennerstown, PA. Helen was an accomplished Pianist and played the Cello. She enlisted into the U.S. Navy during WWII and worked in a Top Secret Position for Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.C.; all we knew was that she was a cryptologist; she refused to divulge any more, as she was sworn to secrecy for her entire life. This oath she held sacred and took to the grave. Mother was a True Patriot of the United States! In the past 25 years several detailed books were written about the U.S. Navy and their British counterparts breaking the German Enigma code and helping to end WWII. As a child all my friends thought that it was really cool that Mother had served in the U.S. Navy, even though she would not speak of the work that she did; true to her oath of silence. It wasn't until I researched Naval history and showed her books with pictures of her duty station in Washington, D.C. and the Bombes (Giant Computers) that she worked with (70 years after the war) did she feel that it was okay to give out a little information about her service. She stated that she did in fact decode German U-Boat messages, but still never said more than that. She felt to say anymore would betray the oath that she swore to her country. Mom was from a very patriotic military family. Her brother George had a 30-year career was a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Her younger brother Earl was a U.S. Army Paratrooper during Korea and her youngest brother Karl retired as a U.S. Navy Commander. During WWII, while mother was serving in Washington, D.C. she met a U.S. Navy Pharmacist Mate at the Pepsi Center n D.C. who was on his way to fight in the South Pacific with the Navy-Marine Assault Forces. They corresponded by mail and decided that if he came home alive they would consider marriage. When the war was over Dad came home and asked this young Navy Wave to come out to Minnesota and see how she would like it. Mom started college at Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter, MN on the G.I. Bill, and then went on to Bethesda Hospital School of Nursing in St. Paul, MN. They married in June of 1948 and took a 10-day Honeymoon canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
They bought their first house in 1957 in the Como Park area of St. Paul. Dad was a Funeral Director for 15 years, and then made a career change as a Sales Rep for a casket company. During this time Mother decided to be a stay-at-home mother and housewife. Part of Dad's sales territory took in the lower part of the State of Minnesota. He fell in love with the hills and woods of this area. After 12 years of looking for the right piece of property, they finally found what they were searching for. They moved to a rental house in Rushford. They built their home in the woods of Arendahl and moved in 1972, doing the limestone work themselves and all of the exterior limestone from grade to fasacia; stone by stone as a team. Mother lived here for 49 years. They had 70 great years of marriage and felt like they were on vacation everyday in the hardwood forest of Minnesota. Mom and Dad were both avid Downhill and XC skiers and spent many winters skiing Aspen, Colorado, which they both loved so much! For many years they operated an Organic Strawberry and Honey business on their farm, and were active Birder's. They were active as Traditional Episcopalians at Emmanuel Church in Rushford. Mother was a Life Member of the U.S Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association, of which she was very proud. Mother was preceded in death by her Devoted and Loving Husband of 70 years Leroy "Chad" Chadwick, her mother, Elizabeth Friedline of Rushford, MN, brother, George Friedline of Alexandria, VA, and a brother, Earl Friedline of Rochester, MN. She is survived by son, Philip (fiancé - Ingrid) of Peterson, MN, brother Karl Friedline of La Crosse, WI, several nieces and nephews, and many lifelong friends. Mom will be remembered for being the Best Mother any son could ever hope for, her great sense of humor, her kindness and compassion for others, her Honor, Integrity, Deep Values, her absolute devotion to God, her Country, and her Family. As their son it has been my Distinct Privilege and Honor for the past four years to be my parent's caregiver in order to keep them in their home that they Loved so very much. I was blessed to be born to these two Dear Precious Souls, and always observe the tremendous love and respect that they had for each other. Mother was Dad's "Big Kitty". If you look up Soulmates in the dictionary it will say "see Helen and Chad". So, we now say goodbye to another Member of "The Greatest Generation." Thank you both for giving me the necessary tools in my toolbox to face life's challenges. God, I miss you both so Very Much!! So, until we meet again; Mom please invent some new jokes. Your Devoted and Loving son. Memorial Services will resceduled for a later date, due to the COVID 19 restrictions. Burial will be at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery. Memorials are preferred to Mayo Clinic Hospice.


INGRID wrote on Feb 14, 2020:

"VALENTINE'S DAY In HEAVEN, A spectacular site to see Angels spreading HEAVENLY LOVE, And Looking down on Thee All the Love We send to PG Mom HELEN Up in Heaven above. Is gathered all together And released on this day of Love. Always Remembered-Never Forgotten You are Special to GOD You are Special to Me GOD Bless You Today And for All ETERNITY PHILIP GORDON'S Soulmate Ingrid Dedicated to HELEN in HEAVEN on this VALENTINE'S Day in 2020"

Phil Chadwick wrote on Feb 14, 2020:

"Mother I MISS YOU SO; My Heart aches for you, I am a Broken Soul. All My Love!! Your Devoted Son Philip"

Christine Holm wrote on Feb 5, 2020:

"What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your mom. What an amazing woman. I have fond memories of Helen and Chad, the friendship they shared with my parents and the time together at the cabin. God bless and comfort you. Chrissy (Ramisch) Holm"

René Ernesto wrote on Jan 25, 2020:

"So sad to hear that Your Mom passed away. Since You had such a good relationship with Your mother, it is even tougher. Most people don?t have their parents for such a long time as You had. Because of this it is even harder to accept the reality. I do not understand why it is so hard for all of us, to let the love once go. What nobody can take away from You, is the memory of all the wonderful moments together with a Your parents. You will think of all the wonderful moments in the past, together with Your Mother. Ren Ernesto "

Duane and Shirley Agrimson wrote on Jan 24, 2020:

"We will miss our dear neighbor as we miss Mr sweet to our children and to us...always there to help us as we planted strawberries....always helping the children learn the names of birds and flowers...we pray the Lord comfort your neighbors..Duane and Shirley"

Nancy (Burke) Snyder wrote on Jan 22, 2020:

"So sorry to hear of Helen?s passing. Chad and Helen were neighbors of my mom and dad when they first came to Rushford, and continued to be close friends through their membership at the Episcopal church. Two of the most delightful people I have ever known. Kindness beyond measure. They are together again, I?m sure Chad has been patiently waiting."

ingrid joseph wrote on Jan 21, 2020:

"MATTHEW 5 : 4 "BLESSED are They that Mourn: For They Shall be Comforted." GOD is a Promise Keeper-Our DIVINE Comforter"

ingrid joseph wrote on Jan 21, 2020:

"A Tribute to PG's Mother HELEN An Angel lived among us, a Gift from GOD above. She showered us with kindness and shared with us her Love. She cherished every moment with the Man who was her Life, walking hand in hand together, Facing Life with all its Strife. She Loved her Son dearly in a very special way, Nestled close within her heart, though, now, she's far away. She's gone to Live with JESUS. But she's here with us, today, Smiling down on every one of us, And telling us she's O.K. My New Address is HEAVEN 777 You can only imagine...?. Just wait and see Some day You join Me And feel as I Heavenly free. LOVE NEVER DIES In Loving Memory Philip's Soulmate Ingrid"

Philip Chadwick wrote on Jan 20, 2020:

"Dearest Mother: My heart is crushed with your passing; I am numb with grief, you were the Very Best Mother any son could ever ask for, and I was Blessed to Have You. Your Kind Dear Soul was Always a Pleasure to be with. It was My Honor to care for you and Dad, and be able to keep you at your beautiful quiet home in your woods. My Heart is so very empty being here with out you and Dad. Having to say good bye to your physical being is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my entire life. Your kind loving way, your politeness, and your sense of humor were always a bright spot in my life. The three of us did pretty well over the years; we traveled many miles together with my red wagon and wooden sled going to the grocery store when we didn't own a car, something that today people would think of as impossible. As Blessed as I was with the Gift of having You and Dad as my Wonderful Parents, is Breaks My Heart to remain on this earth without you. You were both a Gift From God, and I know that Dad is So Very Happy to have his "Big Kitty" back with him in Heaven. The Devoted Love and tenderness that you had for each other was a Beautiful example for me to always observe growing up!! Thank you for giving me the necessary tools in my tool box to face life's challenges. God I Miss You So Very Much!! Until we meet again, please invent some new jokes!! Your Devoted and Loving Son, Philip"