In loving memory of

Shane Louis Bock
December 2, 1959 - December 14, 2004

Shane Louis Bock age 45 of Des Moines Iowa and formerly of Maquoketa Iowa died on Tuesday afternoon December 142004.0 at the Crestridge Nursing Home in Maquoketa Iowa following a lengthy illness.

A Celebration of His Life will be held at 10:30 A.M. Friday December 172004.0 from the Carson & Son Funeral And Cremation Services in Maquoketa Iowa with Rev. Ruth Ann Scott Chaplain/Celebrant for Carson & Son Funeral And Cremation Services in Maquoketa officiating. Visitation will be held from 4 to 7 P.M. on Thursday December 162004.0 from the Carson & Son Funeral And Cremation Services in Maquoketa Iowa. Burial will be in the Mount Hope Cemetery Maquoketa Iowa.

Shane Louis Bock was born on December 2 1959 in Maquoketa Iowa to Elmer L. Bock and Gisele J. (Parmentier) Bock. He was a 1978 graduate of Maquoketa Community High School where he was the class Salutatorian. He then attended the University of Iowa and Georgetown University earning a degree in 1982 from the University of Iowa in Political Science with a minor in Economics. He then attended the Drake University Law School and graduated in 1986 with a law degree.

Shane first worked as an attorney for Joe Nugent at his private practice for one year. He then began working for the Iowa Supreme Court and later for the Iowa Court of Appeals for a total of 17 years.

Shane was a member of the Iowa Bar Association. He loved traveling playing tennis cooking and decorating and watching cooking shows on television. He had a passion for playing the piano and had won the prestigious award as Iowa's Best Piano Player twice. He had also played the clarinet for the University of Iowa's Marching Band while in college.

Shane is survived by: his mother- Gisele Bock of Maquoketa IA; 2 aunts- Lois Wurster of Maquoketa IA & Dorothy Jones of Maquoketa IA; & numerous cousins. He was preceded in death by his father- Elmer Bock on May 9 1993.

A Shane Louis Bock Memorial Fund has been established.


Cheri Chase wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I had known shane my entire life and had never known anyone more intelligent caring or giving. There are many wonderful things that can be said about Shane Bock and they would all be true. As everyone can see by these wonderful tributes he had many dear friends in his lifetimeHe has always had the gift to touch your soul. It was an honor knowing Shane his memory will never be lost. Shanes mother Gisele raised an extrordinary man. she will be very pleased to get these kind words from you all. I will print them and take them to her today God Bless you Shane Bock.We will all miss your warm smile."

Deb (Varner)Bowling wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I am so sorry to hear about Shane'spassing. What a wonder person hewas!! What talent I loved his voicethe best piano player ever and whocould ever forget the big white smile!You will truley be missed! And to youGiselle my heart goes out to youyou have now lost the 2 most importantmen in your life. My prayers are with you. I so glad that I had the pleasureof knowing such a wonderful person.."

Brian Heeren wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I want the family and friends know.. That I will miss Shane very much.. Know one not even Shane will ever know how much I enjoyed his company.. I use to joke with Shane that he cuased me to have a stroke. Becuase I was sitting next to him one time and had a medical problem that I was unaware of in my brain and it did make me have a stroke right in front of him.. I told him it was his charm that caused it... Anyway I am sorry I was unable to come and say good-bye to Shane. But my heart goes out to the family...God Bless you.."

Michelle Anne Potts wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"Shane added much wit and humor into our world. It was a rare day that I was able to tear myself away from his company while we both worked for the court. Thanks for raising such an extraordinary son and I toast him in his new abode."

Dave Ewert wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I worked with Shane for many years in several capacities. Shane dedicated many years to serving Iowa's appellate courts and the people of the State of Iowa. He made many dear friends among the court family and enjoyed life to its fullest. He will surely be missed by those whose lives he touched.Shane always scheduled the court's holiday functions and his taste was impeccable. He was generally a nervous wreck until the party was over then immediately began worrying about outdoing himself next year. I know Shane loved his mother very deeply.I hope Shane has found a peaceful home and joy in the afterlife. My prayers are with his family.Dave Ewert"

Judy Neff wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I was so shocked to hear that Shane lost his fight and passed away. Shane was a fighter and he fought a good fight.I thought that Shane was a very special person. I worked around him for years at the Capitol and always looked forward to seeing him daily. He had such fun stories to listen to. He has been everywhere it seems and and enjoyed life to the fullest. I looked forward to hearing his stories from his latest trip. He could always make me laugh at some of the things that happened to him. I hated it when he moved to the new court bldg. and he no longer was at the Capitol. I kept up with his life through other folks that worked with him so knew how his health was deteroiting and then that he had to quit working. I kept thinking that he would win this fight and be able to have a life again. I would just like to say to his Mother that your son was a very special person and that he touched my life and I will always be grateful to have known Shane. Judy Neff"

Alison Werner Smith wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I had the pleasure of working with Shane for almost four years at the Iowa Court of Appeals. He was a gentleman and a breath of fresh air. He had a beautiful smile and a fantastic sense of humor. He had a great legal mind and was always there for me when I had a question or a concern. A true friend in every sense of the word. Shane had a great sense of style and a healthy appreciation of everything good in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends right now. He will be missed."

Sue (Kasemodel) Nelson wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I remember Shane as a young child. Even though he was younger than me we always enjoyed playing together. I think our family always overwelmed Shane. We had 6 kids in our family to invade his terroritory but he never minded sharing all his toys and time with all of us.Shane also liked to visit the farm we lived on. Giselle and Elmer were special friends of our parents. His parents always treated us like just another part of the family. We will always remember Shane with our good memories.Sorry that I am too far away to attend the services. I know the prayers of our whole family will be with you!Alvin Kasemodel-Anamosa IASue (Kasemodel) Nelson-Edgeley NDRon Kasemodel-Maquoketa IALynette (Kasemodel) Adrian-Washington IAEd Kasemodel-Grand Mound IowaLynn Kasemodel-Maquoketa IALeAnn Kasemodel-Maquoketa IA"

Jonetta Douglas wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I consider it an honor to have known Shane and was very sorry to hear of his passing. It is not often that you meet someone who enjoys life so much and works to get the most out of each day. I pray that God will comfort you and keep you through this difficult time. I also thank God for Shane passing through my life.Jonetta"

Rosemary Sackett wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"In the years I have known Shane he never passed my way without giving a friendly greeting and a kind smile."

Tamara Barrett wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"What struck me most about Shane was his friendly attitude. From the time I first met him when he worked at the court of appeals and literally until the day he died Shane always had a smile when you met him in the hallway. His organization of the Christmas Party was always a stroke of genius. He added such class."

Elizabeth Soraparu wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"Shane was an exceptional person. He was smart witty and always fun to be with. We met in front of a punch bowl at a Sig Ep fraturnity party in 1979. We were dressed as if we had called each other to make sure that our outfits matched. It has been like that for us for the last 25 years we have been friends. Shane had many friends who loved him myself being one. With the trips he took and the long hours he put in at work we saw each other way too seldom although we did talk on the telphone often. It was always a comfort to know Shane was here with him gone I feel a great void. I will miss him terribly."

Lisa Ernesti wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"Shane had a gift for making people smile; a rare ability in today's cynical world. Even if I was annoyed or aggravated by some aspect of life when I walked into his office by the time I left I was always in an upbeat mood usually chuckling to myself or shaking my head at an amusing story or a dry (and deadly accurate) comment. He was truly a unique individual and will be missed by many people. I know I will miss his bold personality gentlemanly ways and razor-sharp wit. My thoughts are with his mother whom I know he loved deeply and with the rest of his family."

Kimberly Cook wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"Shane had a great sense of humor. He had the ability to laugh at himself as well as at funny situations. Shane was unfailingly polite even when he was very ill.Shane was interested in so many things--politics sports music arts & sciences--and loved to discuss them. His main interests of course were travel and food. Shane would share his experiences about trips he had been on and also wanted to know all about trips others had taken. About the only thing Shane was not interested in was cold weather. Every year he would call me on the first snowfall and say HMPH. I think Shane is in heaven right now trying to find out what kind of gourmet food is available.I consider myself very lucky to have known Shane as a friend here at the court of appeals."

Louis A. Lavorato wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I echo the comments from many of Shane's friends and co-workers: he was always friendly and enjoyed life to the fullest. I considered him to be a member of the judicial family someone we will truly miss."

terry huitink wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I met Shane in April 1994 when I began my service as a judge on the Court of Appeals. My initial impression of Shane was favorable and ten years of working with him confirmed that impression. He was a fine lawyer whose contributions to the administration of justice in Iowa are well known and appreciated by all of the lawyers and judges familiar with his work.I was also impressed by the diversity and sophistication of Shane's avocational interests. He always seemed to have something interesting to share and any conversation I had with Shane was unfailingly pleasant.Although words alone may offer little consolation for his family at a time like this I hope the knowledge that Shane's friends and colleagues at the Court of Appeals share your sorrow will help alleviate the suffering caused by his passing."

Linda (Lubben) Polk wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I'm so sorry to hear of Shane's passing. We had so many good memories together in band vocal and the Variety Shows. I'll never forget your rendition of In the Mood on piano. My sister and I tried to copy your version but we could never play it like you did.Ooh-la-la!! Linda"

Thomas Mayes wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I am sure Shane would be gratified by the many kind words his friends and coworkers have written here. Shane cared deeply about friends and family. Shane and I have known each other since my supreme court clerkship for Justice Carter in 1996. We shared an interest in travel but did not share preferred types of destinations. Shortly before his final illness I told him I was going to Venezuela and might camp on the beach. He responded: What? Why do that? There's no room service!"

Mary McGinn wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"Shane will leave a void in the lives he touched. He was a great human and full of life and vigor. I will always think fondly of him and remember the Court parties that he was in charge of and his joy at attending the Iowa State Fair and the stories that derived from his experiences there. I will also always remember all of his entertaining stories he had of his life and how much he enjoyed his life here and traveling with all of his friends and acqaintences - he was wonderful to have around at work and always brightened our day when he walked into the room. God speed to you Shane and we hope you are in a better place and are enjoying the wonderful luxuries that they have for your there. You were one of a kind and deserve the best and peace to you."

Carol Hoglund (Potter) wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I am SO sorry to hear of Shane's passing. He was a great friend in high school and I respected him very much. I always knew he'd go far in life he was very blessed with many strengths. I will always remember his kindness and gentle smile. My sympathy goes out to his family. I am certain you are very proud of Shane."

Molly Hogan McKinley wrote on Dec 14, 2004:

"I worked at the judicial branch from 2001-2003 and during that time I had the honor of getting to know Shane. He and I had many interests in common from traveling and shopping to good food and wine. Shane was never to busy to stop and see if you had a nice weekend. He never missed an opportunity to share his fabulous travel stories with me- likewise he was so kind as to help me plan my own trips. Shane brightened my day and made the office and fun place to be--in particular I recall one holiday season during which he spread Christmas cheer by giving us a few decorations for our working spaces. Shane enjoyed life and he didn't take it for granted. He was a thoughtful man and a great person. I know I am not alone in saying he will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ms. Bock."